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Iphone developer a good carrier to start with..

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With the news of iphone 5 & iphone 6 to be launch in august, its great new for everyone,  start from a store who sells iphone to a iphone developer who makes new iphone apps & games .I-phone developer is a  good carrier to start with..

In today’s world after becoming a computer graduate, lots for career options are available, choosing the right one is one vital thing. it’s much difficult than choosing one perfect girlfriend/boyfriend among 6 girlfriends/boyfriends, if you have the interest in creating new things or developing something new then  iphone developer will be the best career option available in today’s market.

To be an iphone developer you don’t need to go to universities or any institutes, you can learn it by yourself & from your home only.After learning all the programming skills you can also start  your business , create your own apps & games , & place them in apple store where people can see it , buy it, all you need is just one mac computer with iphone sdk installed in it & a book of objective c language, that’s it,  does any career option provide this much flexibility other than iphone developer???

With the rapid increase of iphone selling in today’s market, millions of apps & games are being developed, it’s easy to understand that for making millions of apps & games companies will require hundreds & thousands of iphone developer.  Last time iphone 5 was sold 50 millions it will reach 70 or more before the release of the two new iphones that are coming in august,  more than hundreds small small companies are coming to the market with thousands of iphone developer with them & they need more iphone developer,to create new apps & new games.

So what are you waiting for?  Buy a mac & start your career with iphone development & explore yourself with all your creativity & development knowledge.

Does outsource staffing really works?

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With the rapid advancement of technology it has become almost impossible for one person to have knowledge of everything. We’ll be specially focusing on web development and web programming here. Even before couple of years the situation was completely different as most of the websites were being built using any of the popular scripting languages (like .NET, ASP or PHP) in a customized way. But these days with the advancement of technologies there are so many open source and free PHP based projects are available, that people are tending to build their web applications customizing these open source projects.

To work with these open source projects one developer must have profound knowledge of PHP, Object Oriented Programming, CSS and JavaScript. Along with these technical knowledge there has to be sound debugging capability.

Off course it is not possible for a single developer to have all the above mentioned technical skills, and thus to complete a project successfully it has to be a group of developers working together with their individual technical skills. There comes the benefit of outsourcing your project to a company, who has got qualified programmers. PHP is becoming very much popular with its new features and versions. Most of the web projects are done on PHP. So if you are planning to have a project in custom PHP or in open source like Joomla, WordPress, osCommerce and etc. It is the best dicision to hire a PHP developer from a well known company, so that you can get the help of other required resources from the same company without employing a bunch of developers. This lower down the development cost heavily. Moreover in countries like India and China, PHP programmers cost much less compared to European Countries or the States. So if you are from Europe or the States then it is a good idea to look for a company in India to hire PHP programmers, because India has got very talented programmers and well profiled IT companies.

Finally before hiring a PHP developer from a company, judge the company by talking to some of the existing clients of the company. Portfolio always may not work, even it is really hard to be sure that the project displayed on portfolio was actually built by the company. May be the company initially built the project and after that another company made betterment to the project. So it is wiser to talk to the developer, judge the developer and talking to their existing clients before hiring developer(s) from them.

iPhone Application Development Strategy

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Due to the huge success of Apple’s iPhone and its rapid spread amongst the users inspired lots of companies to jump into iPhone Application Development. Beside the device Apple has also provided the magnificent development tool xCode, which is an add-on benefit to the developer. Many people around the world are building different type of apps with different usability.

While programming a iPhone app It is easy to generate the idea behind the app, but it is not so easy to convert the idea into an app which is simple to use yet have cool features and user interface. Basically building an app needs profound analysis and most importantly design the screens upto the standard following Apple’s guidelines on UI design. Amongst the other smart phones, iPhone applications are much standard, intuitive and easy to use because of its standard use of UI components, such as TableView, Buttons, Navigation Bar, Tab Bar and so. Users get familiar with even a new app quickly if the app is built keeping the standard in the mind.

While developing a iPhone application, the very first step after finalizing the idea is to draw the screens and flow on white papers. This practice reduces UI redesigning or flow changing heavily. Drawing all the screens with complete detail like how the tabbar will be placed, what will be tabs, how the navigation will be displayed, how the table view will be laid up, where and how the buttons will be placed and etc. It is even better to use a pencil while drawing up the screens, as any amendment or modification can be done easily by erasing certain portions. Do not draw the screens tiny, instead draw larger screens so that every part is properly visible. Being a good iPhone Developer you must follow this basic rule.

After doing and finalizing the UI screens and the flow between screens it is good idea to get all the required graphics done. Once you have all the graphics in place, start doing the screens. Before writing any program, complete all the static screens first. Some of the screens may contain dynamic elements, keep place holders for those and design the other stuffs. While doing the screens use all standard components and do it in a preferred way. Just don’t do it any way to achieve the goal. Take your time, but use proper UI elements in proper places and take reference from iPhones inbuilt apps and watch how they organized UI components. Try to follow them as much as possible, so that your app also carries the same standard.

The scope of this article is limited to strategy only, so we’ll not talk much about the iPhone programming, but while programming, maintain proper naming convention for your variables and methods. Use proper indentation. Don’t use extra lines or spaces. All these make a code more readable. Oh, don’t forget to use comments! Beside these take ultimate care of memory usage, proper retain and release of variables and ultimately test your application with the profiling tools and make sure that there is no memory leak. xCode itself has got all the tools to test memory usage, memory leak and etc. You don’t need any special tool to perform these tests.

Finally when you are packaging your application make sure that the Version Number, App Identifier, Product Name, App Display Name, Required Icons everything has been setup properly. Then build it and give it a test drive on your actual device!


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